Magento 1 Frontend Bits


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CDATA tags in Magento templates

12 May, 2019

What is a CDATA tag? Why is it in your Magento template file? (or any HTML file for that matter) Have you wondered what they do? Or whether…

Comments in phtml templates

08 March, 2018

Magento is a framework built in PHP. It uses phtml files for templates. What’s a phtml file you ask? Well:If a PHP file and a HTML file had…

Setting a custom validation message

28 February, 2018

Magento 1 provides loads of validation rules out of the box, which cover most scenarios. It’s very common to check that a field contains…

How to output a CMS block from another CMS block

27 February, 2018

Imagine you a CMS block, which you use to output some nice text. But now you want to include the contents of another CMS block, right slap…

How to add snippets for templates in Atom

15 February, 2018

Snippets are an underappreciated feature of code editors, which can increase your typing speed when writing code. Snippets provide…